Saturday, December 6, 2014

Smoking causes cancer in men more than women

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Smokers are more likely than men to cancer of smokers, according to a new study recently published in the journal "Science", because smoking reduces the number of Y chromosomes that are in the blood of all men, and that are believed to play a role in containing malignant tumors and reduction. Still the relationship between Y chromosomes and cancer incomprehensible scientifically, but the scientific evidence suggests that the lack of it in the blood makes the body more likely to develop cancer. The study conducted by a research team from Uppsala University in Sweden examined a range of factors that lead to the loss of chromosomes, such as age, diabetes, exercise, and alcohol intake, and cholesterol, and smoking. The study was conducted at six thousand men, and the results showed that as you age, and smoking are the only factors which are causing the loss of chromosomes Y. On the other hand, the study carried the good news for those who quit smoking, it was found that Krmomosumaat Y back to the blood of men who stop smoking. Results concluded that smoking causes loss of Y chromosomes and leads him to quit the return of these chromosomes to the blood. American Cancer Society predicts that the cause of lung cancer in the death of 160 thousand people more than any other cancer this year, it is known that smoking is a major cause of chest tumors

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