Saturday, December 6, 2014

«Food and Drug» agree to trading a new drug for the treatment of leukemia

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Algze competent and Drug Administration agreed to monitor food and pharmaceutical products in the United States, to start trading a new drug dealing types of leukemia (blood cancer). The organization noted in a statement, that the new drug called "Blencito," which addresses the type of leukemia disease "B CELL ALL", by stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells. Leukemia type "B CELL ALL" is a type of blood cancer, affects the bone marrow cells, where bone cells are responsible for the production of blood cells, making the bone marrow produces white blood cells deformed and in large numbers redundant, and it happens accurately in one type of blood cells Alda called "B CELL" while the other remains a kind of "T CELL" away from harm cancer cells. New drug "Blencito" depends on the new technique has not been used before in the science of medicine, where it is the only one who works to stimulate the white blood cells of others affected "T CELL" to attack the cancer cells, where it is forced deformed blood cells to alert the proper blood cells, and then stimulated to attack cancer cells. He also said the organization a statement, that "Blencito" prohibits its use in cases of low blood pressure, shortness of breath and situations, and it causes some other side effects, but does not represent a significant risk to the patient.

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