Saturday, December 6, 2014

Parkinson's water snake controls the prey from a distance

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The results of a new study, that water snakes Alrashh use these electric shock to exercise a kind of domination from a distance on their prey, which cast terror into the hearts of fish that may be hiding in the vicinity of the place; to reveal hideouts in imposing appearance of the review of the compulsory force; to incapacitate prey . Kenneth Catania, a biologist at the University of Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, who oversaw the study, reported in the journal "Science" Science, said: "It seems that water snakes Alrashh invented this device detonator by humans a long time." The study revealed in detail, how the electric charge affect the bolt in the victim, and between Catania, through laboratory experiments how active these electrical charges from a neuron to the victim that control muscles. The study found that water snakes Alrashh usually launches during the two pulses Kahrbatin hunting process with high voltage separating each two milliseconds; It is mandatory severe lightning directed to prey hidden in the vicinity of the place. And able to water snakes, which enjoys a high sensitivity of the movement of water around, monitoring the movements caused by the electric shock; to recognize that prey on the site accurately.

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