Saturday, December 6, 2014

«HTC» launches «Hema» The latest version has

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A new leaks, that "HTC" company plans to launch smart phone high specification codenamed "Hema Hima", and a few days on the other leaks; talk about the phone specifications HTC One M-9 "HTC One M9 after," according to portal Arab Technology. He spoke Chinese site, Mae Draeffers, last week, for smartphone prospective offers measuring 5.5 inches screen and accurately QHD, and processors of type "Snapdragon 805", and the camera accurately 16 megapixel with Sticky Bosra, and 3 GB of RAM and battery memory with a capacity of 3,500. It is noteworthy that "Iblex" It is an account on Twitter, appeared after the famous stop leaks account Avlex "Evleaks" has published specifications of the phone "HTC", carries the name "Hema" and offers a high specification. According to the account in the tweet to him, that the device will provide size 5-inch screen, full 1080 precision, and will include a processor eight-core "Snapdragon 810" with graphics processor "Adriano 430" Adreno 430 ", in addition to providing access spree of 3 GB of memory, in addition to the camera precisely 20.7 megapixel, Front and other precision 13-megapixel, or operating technique "Olandpeixl" for "HTC" with an accuracy of 4 megapixel background. Device, which will provide battery 2,840 capacity mAh, the strengthening of the fourth-generation networks "LTE" speeds of 250 Mbps, and will work with the new version 5.0 "Lollipop" of the Android operating system, and the seventh issue of the user interface Sense "Sense". Is expected to launch "HTC" this phone soon, possibly within the consumer electronics exhibition "CES 2015" will be launched during the month of March. "Iblex" account added that HTC, plans to launch several smartphones from "Desire" series, during the Mobile World Conference MWC 2015. The company, plans to launch a smart phone carries HTC Hema Ice "HTC Hima Ace name" supports two tranches connection.

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