Saturday, December 6, 2014

«Sony» TV next combines Android and PlayStation

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Sony plans to first own TVs launching and operating the new intelligent TV platform from Google, "Android TV" Android TV starting from February next year, with a large focus on gaming services within the next devices. The Sony has announced its support for the platform TV smart "Android T" announced by Google in June last, the company said that it will adopt the new platform in all TVs intelligent, which will be launched in 2015 and for each of the screens high-definition HD screens accurately 4K. The transfer site MobileGeeks a source from the company that the prices of these devices will range from US $ 700 screens measuring 43-inch Full HD carefully and will reach to $ 4,000 for screens accurately 4K. And will support Sony smart screens several Adapted from gaming platform features "PlayStation", where will include TV Sony devices coming "Remote Play" feature Remote Play, which allows users access to the "PlayStation 4" their own library via radio contact WiFi to practice playing after arrived stick controllers Bblay PlayStation same screen. It also is expected to occupy the new TVs Playstation Now service that broadcast the games, "PlayStation 3" and the older games via the Internet, and this service will be linked to Google Google Games Service Games to record the match and provide multiple players and other features. It is noteworthy that the smart TV platform "Android T" custom Android operating system interfaces have been designed to provide entertainment applications that provide video, music and gaming services with support for voice search for movies and soap operas from Google service.

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