Saturday, December 6, 2014

«Food and Drug» agree «Alroxolutenb» for the treatment of bone cancer

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Approved the US Food and Drug Administration "FDA", to use the new material "Alroxolutenb" in the treatment of various cancer of the bone marrow type. Article Alroxolutenb; was used for cancer of bone marrow from the kind that cause an increase in blood Adeddalsafaúh in the body, while the organization has agreed to use it in various tumors of malignant bone called "Poly Saithamaa" type; it causes a significant increase in the number of red blood cells, in addition to Platelet. Bone marrow; is responsible for the production of blood cells, including balls pain red and white and platelets, and the growth of cancer cells, which leads to increased production of these cells to the detriment of the body, and in the case contained in a statement the organization; it cause an increase in red blood cells and platelets , leading to enlargement of the spleen, and the emergence of some of the symptoms; such as rash and blood clots in the surface of the skin. The organization pointed out that Alroxotonep passed Alxlnikih own experiences with this type of cancer, and has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of 31% of the cases, as it does not cause serious side effects; with the exception of anemia; as it reduces the number of red blood cells, and leads to reduction in the number of platelets in the body.

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