Saturday, December 6, 2014

Health study: leafy vegetables promotes heart health

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Recent research continues to emphasize the health benefits of vegetables, leafy green color, such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach and broccoli, which revealed a British study, led by researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Southampton, that eating green leafy vegetables contribute to promoting heart health and the prevention of diabetes type II . The researchers explained that these vegetables contain many healthy ingredients, especially nitrates "nitrate", all of which contribute to increased blood thinners and reducing the formation of clots opportunities, and also protect patients from stroke and heart attacks. The health benefits of leafy vegetables and did not stop at this point, but also proved the effectiveness of this green leafy vegetables in promoting the health of people with really one of cardiovascular diseases, and improve the quality of their lives. And the effectiveness of these vegetables in the prevention of diabetes, the researchers confirmed that the nitrates contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, and convert white fat harmful to the structure, and that contribute to burn fat in general, which helps the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

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