Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to protect your child from the heart risk

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As a result of overweight among children and adolescents increased in heart disease risk factors, this is due to two factors: lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, here are some tips to help parents to provide health care to the hearts of children. Healthy breakfast. It is very important that the child deals with breakfast containing a variety of nutrients, and enhance energy levels. Healthy breakfast protein, fiber and carbohydrates included. Shopping wisely. When buying foods Mark priority to choose whole wheat products such as brown bread, as well as choose healthy oils such as olive oil, sunflower, avocado, and interested in the presence of nuts in the house. Snacks. Replace unhealthy snacks such as cakes, candy, chips and fried potatoes to replace fresh vegetables and fruits or dried. And encourage your child to eat dark chocolate to get the benefits. Salt. High blood pressure among children a causal factors for heart disease. Salted foods increase the risk of high blood pressure, so you must monitor the salt levels covered by child and adolescent well. We must limit the presence of foods that contain a high percentage of salt. Avoid certain foods. More than foods that contain hydrogenated fats cholesterol levels in the body, and it threatens the health of the heart. Avoid these foods, and must reduce dramatically the children for soft drinks consumption because it increases obesity, which constitute a major threat to the heart factor. Encourage your child to play and movement. Physical activity, whether organized Oahar child helps a lot to improve heart health, and raising the fitness levels, as well as other health benefits are not counted. Medical examinations. Useful to make a child's medical tests annually beginning from the age of 3 years.

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