Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Angelina Jolie: The French very beauty and intellectuals

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She US actress Angelina around, Hollywood star, great pride and lasting pride in its origins French, where it is one of the father of US French mother is a French actress Canadian Marchilaan Bertrand, who died in 2007, and that during the current tour in Paris for marketing for her new film titled "Anvencepol", the second film feature is directed and expected release in France on the seventh of January 2015. The website said the French, "Kluser IFR" that Angelina Jolie said that French nationals people are great and they often intellectuals, noting that her marriage to Brad Pitt in her village in Maral in France was not a coincidence, where she had planned with her husband to be a marriage ceremony in her mother she said, adding that her mother has always been what it develop the affiliation of France has developed a twin Knox and Vivienne in 2008 in France as well. The Web site said that Angelina Jolie accompanies with all of her children during the current tour in France and they visited the Eiffel Tower where he expressed surprise at the rally, saying that they had caught the clouds into their own hands.

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