Tuesday, December 2, 2014

«Berries» protects the heart and keeps the teeth and useful to the eye

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The Cranberry Red wonderful fruit, which we do not know much about it, despite the high nutritional value of the large health benefits, but there is no great rush to be addressed, and offer you the most health benefits of berries, and that as recently posted on the Health Care site in the US: - Berries beneficial for heart health, as demonstrated recent medical study led by researchers from the University Scarnton America, that cranberry juice helps in promoting heart health. - Contribute to the prevention of infection with many tumors, including: breast, mouth, stomach and prostate cancer. - Berries reduces the risk of tooth decay, and also reduces the accumulation of plaque on the teeth, which contributes to the promotion of oral health in general, according to the study led by researchers from the University of Rochester, USA. - Contribute to reducing the spread of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, according to the study led by researchers from China in 2007. - Contribute to promoting urinary tract health, and limits of microbial infections that infect the urinary tract, according to the study led by researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute US. Berries are very useful to the eye, and contributes significantly to the improvement of the symptoms of people with white water "Cataract" disease, also reduces the chances of infection-related macular degeneration with age. The report added that Alkranbry has a high nutritional value, it contains a very small percentage of fat, and contains absolutely cholesterol, it also contains a good concentrations of manganese and vitamin "C", and has a significant proportion of natural fibers, in addition to low thermal Sarath, which contributes to the reduction of weight gain.

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