Tuesday, December 2, 2014

German doctor: sit-term affects «coccyx»

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German orthopedic doctor Reinhard Schneiderhan warned that the sit-term may lead to inflammation of the coccyx, no small part of the Great at the end of the spine. Schneiderhan said the sore coccyx may also occur because of bruises or fractures caused by falls, and left it too when the injury to plunge the disc, which extends the nation into the lower end of the spinal column. He noted German orthopedic doctor that can be inferred sore coccyx through feeling pain accompanied by tingling in the buttocks, pointing to the possibility of alleviating this pain through abuse painkillers or some drugs by injection. In case of severe pain, German physician Schneiderhan also advisable to use a seating pad annular shape and is open from behind.

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