Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Japanese put stickers on the eyes of a cat to shoot footage crazy

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No one can deny the role of image in our lives, and perhaps the most important photography and highlight generously by the technology of our times. And spread in recent times many innovative ways and means in photography, and the camera has become something essential in every home, to keep a record of our memories through which we can look back on that last between now and then. According to a site in boredpanda, every man is trying to create and innovate in the image capture, such as the direction of the images Selfie, images and re-enactments of childhood images -alty occurred in the minds of lovers and those interested in the art of photography Aldoiy-. Perhaps another new ideas and amazing what we publish you in this matter as presented by the site aureus, some obsession with models in love with photography Japanese young man invented different positions to portray his cat for differently away from the stereotypes and tradition, and has developed a different stickers on the same form different gestures for its looks, what Sabra is a big cat, which bore all those situations without grumbling or weariness. A picture of the owner of the cat, which puts on the same lenses Another picture of a cat submissive The hands of the young man show which captures the image of his cat Along with other images Cat and the adhesive to look fierce eye Look frown snapshot of poor Along with other images Cat's eyes suggest of surprise Cat, a bewildered look of something Along with other images

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