Tuesday, December 2, 2014

«United Nations to Fight AIDS»: the eradication of the disease by the end of 2030

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Dr. Ahmed Khamis, Director of the United Nations AIDS program said that there is an ambitious global strategy to eliminate AIDS by the end of 2030, noting that a new global goal sought by all States. He pointed out during his speech at a conference convened by the United Nations program to combat AIDS now, that Egypt has examination centers for advice and provision of health services for AIDS patients, stressing the need to raise awareness of stigma and discrimination against patients. He noted that the North African countries is increasing the incidence of AIDS, explaining that if the nations of the world missed an opportunity to eliminate the disease by 2030're going to be a major disaster and crisis. He emphasized the vision of the Ministry of Health towards AIDS and its call for all state institutions to come together to eradicate the disease.

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