Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Google adds new features to the service «Drive» own

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Google has added a range of new features to the service "Google Drive" Google Drive their own, which makes editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations more effective and progressive benefit for the user services. The first additions announced by the company is to add feature allows users of its service integration cells schedules based on Sheets, allowing the user to customize the tables according to their needs and the way that suits him easily, as was previously service allows coloring cells and modify your tables line thickness only. The company added feature also allows the user to make some adjustments to images added easily, so it can be coloring pictures and adjust the brightness and transparency own and Clarification directly from within your Web service application. Finally, the company added the possibility of developing numbers of slices special deals based on progressive Slides, which helps the user to see how much progress has going for it slides during the presentation to the public, for example.

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