Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Samsung sells optical fiber for «Corning»

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Approved Samsung to sell fiber operations own visual to the American company, "Corning" Corning glass manufacturers protective screens of smart devices, to come out of the other sector is essential for her to focus on mobilizing potential in key areas of weak performance, such as smart phones. The parties did not disclose details of the transaction, which includes Massanao in China and South Korea, come deal, which was announced on Tuesday, the second of its kind and longer during the quarter, with the approach of the company's announcement of annual earnings is the lowest in three years. Samsung and suffering, which is at present the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world of intense competition from companies, such as "Xiaoma" Xiaomi phone sector in low-spec, and Apple in the mobile sector, high specification. A spokeswoman for Samsung, "we decided to sell our fiber optic sector, in order to focus on core areas of business for us." The company had said last October it would halt operations in the "luminaries to light" LED outside of South Korea, which is also an area is essential for the company sector. She said the company "Corning", which provides companies such as Apple and Samsung smart glass protective devices, said the deal will allow it to expand its operations in the field of optical fiber in the Asian market.

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