Tuesday, December 2, 2014

«Jelly bean» more prevalent Android versions

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The latest figures from the rotating Google Inc. showed that the version codenamed "Jelly bean" of the Android operating system is still accounts for the largest proportion of smart devices operating this system, while the "Kit Kat" version continues to grow at a steady pace. According to the latest figures in the dashboard Android system, the number of mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablet computers, which operates version 4.4 "Kit Kat" of the open-source operating system, to 33.9 percent up on Monday. For the issuance of "Kit Kat", which carries the codename "Jelly bean", what is still the most prevalent, with devices operating ratio estimated three copies of the issuance of "Jelly bean", a "4.1.x, or 4.2.x, or 4.3" to 48.7 percent compared to 50.9 percent was recorded last month. This statistic does not include only the devices that visited Applications "Google Play" store during the week ended on December 1st of this month. According to new figures, is "Jelly bean" more prevalent Android versions, and then followed by the issuance of "Kit Kat", then the issuance of "gingerbread" by 9.1 percent, comes version "Ice Cream Sandwich" in fourth place and by 7.8 percent. The Google Inc. launched a version of "Kit Kat" from in October Android system last year, and the turnout was it initially weak and had its share of operating devices market is very small system Android when compared to the share of modern versions of "EOS" operator devices company system "Apple" smart. The Google announced mid-October last year for the latest version of the Android system with the number 5.0 and Codename "Lollipop" Lollipop, and it seems that this version proportion still do not exceed 0.1 percent, because the company draws to the versions that do not exceed its share of this figure does not show within statistics.

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