Tuesday, December 2, 2014

French develops pills scented to treat flatulence

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French man developed scented pills for the treatment of abdominal distension, which is considered one of the most important health problems in human life. The inventor, named Christian Bwanheval 0.65 years, which is northwest of France, said that these pills are considered the best solution to this problem by making the body odor gases such as roses and chocolate, which added to the smell of chocolate-scented grain in order to eliminate gas. He Bwanheval site "The Glocal" European news, that these pills composed of natural herbal medicines are working to alleviate swelling and facilitate the passage of gases in the intestine and neutralize the smell, especially in the holidays and the Christmas season. The site that Bwanheval began in the development of these pills six years ago after he was embarrassing situation through his swollen annoying during a dinner with friends, saying that when they were vegetarians he and his friends did not feel this problem, but they started when they began to shift to eating meat, and then went to the world in a laboratory to look for a way to invent a natural cure for this problem daily. According to the invention Bwanheval received approval from the French health authorities, the disc tray and sold at a price of 9.99 euros and 60 tablets, pills chocolate consists of charcoal, fennel, seaweed and berries and cocoa.

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