Tuesday, December 2, 2014

US occupies «Guinness» fastest «egg dish»

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"Howard Helmer," adult man of 72 years old, can make an omelet Omelet faster than anyone else in the world, and over the Senynn able Helmer of resilience at the forefront of "Guinness" Records, the latest figure achieved for the fastest omelet was 39 seconds only, and was able to make an omelet number 427 in just 30 minutes, a record no one has been able to achieve so far. The Web site odditycentral US Ajtah makes it distinctly, in the traditional manner with some of his own touches, and add the amount of ingredients, which is with making anyone in more than 10 minutes. It is worth mentioning that this man enjoy this profession, an egg omelets maker, since more than 42 years, and took a job in the US House of eggs and has authored a book called The Wonders of chicken eggs, and become chefs months in America.

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