Tuesday, December 2, 2014

NASA is preparing to send the first manned vehicle in human beings to Mars

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Scheduled to begin after Thursday's first experience to launch a spacecraft want the US space agency, "NASA" be used in the end to send humans to Mars, so when it is the launch of the spacecraft, "Orion" from the Kennedy Center for Space Research, Florida. It is scheduled to space capsule Orion start at 0705 "1205 GMT," space center in Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida, a place the same as that used by the shuttle US program for more than 30 years, as well as the Apollo to launch a spacecraft to the moon program. NASA statement explained that the vehicle will be placed above the Orion rocket, "Delta 4 Heavy" at all, and when it kicks off in space will fly at an altitude of 5900 km above sea level, and will revolve around the earth twice. The capsule will not bear any humans through this experience which will take four and a half hours flight, but the long-term goal is to share the six passengers in space flight to be undertaken by Orion in the depths of space is more than what was available before. Said William Jristnmayr, co-coordinator of operations at NASA humans and exploratory trips last month, when it was placed on the rocket launch pad "This is the next step in our journey to Mars, which is a major step." Goal has been achieved in the mid-thirties The aim of NASA's long-term plan to take down the first astronauts to an asteroid, and then later on Mars sometime in the mid-thirties of this century. If all goes well snuffed the case of space flight experience to landing in the Pacific Ocean, about 970 kilometers southwest of San Diego, California distance. At a time when the US space agency focused on the mission to reach Mars, used the means of transportation for humans Russian International Space Station, as well as the means of shipping for US companies. The failure last two launch vehicles spacecraft from private companies by the fate of the two "Orbital Sciences Inc. Corp" and "Virgin Galactic", adding to concerns about the status of the current space flight, and killed an astronaut killed during launch vehicle company "Virgin Galactic" process, and the goal including boot to launch tourist trips into space. On the other hand, developed by NASA Orion spacecraft in a different class, and she said it was unlikely to visit the International Space Station, and the tourists are not part of the travel office in the planned flight to Mars. NASA also says that the travel experience to be implemented by Orion is an important step to allow engineers to test elements constitute the greatest threat to the astronauts, and provide information you need to improve the Orion spacecraft design. The remnants of NASA's Orion program announced by former President George W. Bush for re-astronaut to the moon, this program was canceled in 2010, prompting NASA to put her eyes on the bigger prize of Mars. The trip will also help engineers experiment to evaluate the high-speed back systems capsule that control the highs and parachutes and armor vehicle visor heat, is scheduled to Orion back through the Earth's atmosphere at speeds approaching 32 thousand kilometers per hour, generating temperatures approaching 2,200 degrees Celsius a protective shield from the heat. And explain the high speed when you return and the amount of heat the reason that Orion is a capsule-like space that carried astronauts to the moon more than similarities between them and the winged shuttles, which was decommissioned in 2011 vehicle. Although the compounds Apollo space look similar, they are smaller than Orion with a diameter of five meters compared Babullo with a diameter of 3.2 meters, while the size of the shuttle larger vehicles, but it did not exceed at all over the earth, and there is an intention to re-use the Orion spacecraft. Another objective of the experiment Another objective of the trip experience is to ensure that the armor Orion suitable enough to protect its load of equipment electronic, and it must be borne in mind that the space, which has been flying in deep space ships being greater than the radiation amount compared to those who remain in Earth orbit. NASA has already acknowledged that Orion needed adjustments so you can travel to Mars, and include these amendments provide them with equipment capable of landing on the Red Planet, as well as places of living for the astronauts to the space to be used on Mars afternoon could Orion be carried on board.

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