Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chicken fat threaten your heart

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Besides taste delicious features chicken numerous health benefits provided by the body, it is a good source of protein, low in fat and calories compared to other meat and food, and helps weight control and mitigation, also contains chicken on important nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium, which help to bone and dental health, as it rich in vitamin "by 5" or tryptophan, which relieves tension. It is important to remember that the chicken breast-free bones contain fewer carbohydrates compared to other parts of the chicken .. Here are the contents of the chicken dish of calories by way of cooking: * A small piece of chicken breast: 2.4 calories. * Grilled chicken dish: 114.3 calories. * Fried chicken dish: 145.2 calories. * Each gram of chicken sausage: 1.8 calories. * Boiled chicken dish in the water with turmeric: 148.3 calories. * Sliced chicken with the bone of Kentucky: 345 calories. * Piece Chicken Burger: 237.6 calories. * Piece Chicken Curry: 249.2 calories. * Chicken salad dish: 326.8 calories. * Chicken Sandwich: 196.5 calories. Nutrition experts are advised to remove the fat from the chicken before cooking, because this type of fat causes damage to the heart. To eat chicken in order to adjust the weight, or diluted, you can eat grilled or broiled or even fried, although the grilled contains the least amount of calories. The most important thing you need to do remove the chicken skin, and you can also soak the chicken in the oil and herbs and spices before cooking to increase health benefits.

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