Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Declaration of the movie Star Wars: Episode VII harvested 10 million views

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Asked Fox, Friday, November 28th, the first official announcement of the seventh part of a series of new space and sci-fi movies or stars StarWars war. Advertising won more than 10 million watch after that raised the official channel of the Star Wars series on YouTube, because of the large mass enjoyed by these films in the series all over the world. The present Declaration promoter of Part VII of the new Star Wars or Star Wars quick peek footage from the events of the film, which will be introduced to the public in the galleries cinematic presentation in December 2015 It is worth mentioning that the Part VII of the Star Wars series protagonists are the same heroes of Part IV, V and VI, and they Harrison Ford in the role of the pilot, "Han Solo", and Mark Hamill in the role of a warrior Jedi, "Luke Skywalker", and Carrie Fisher in the role of "Princess Leia" . It is expected that poses Part VII of the film series "Star Wars" in the December 18, 2015, is directed by JJ Abrams, who has previously directed the third and fourth of action movies Mission Impossible, as well as the new part of the sci-fi film "Star Trek" title "Into The Darkness", which he presented in 2013.

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