Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pictures .. Chinese company launches a smart phone without keys

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Chinese company plans to launch smart phone says he was "coming from the future", and that since he does not contain any buttons as in the rest of smartphones. The audio control buttons and power button the most important ways that were hard on the smart phone manufacturers, when some were taken to screen navigation buttons, without them, the need to use it to interact with the device, especially when it's in sleep mode. The LG quoted in modern versions of smart phones these buttons to background device, but a Chinese company named "Manta" Manta She dispensed with them altogether. And published the company "Manta" Choiqih picture of a smart phone named "Manta X 7" Manta X7 without actual buttons, but information indicates that one side of the phone will be equipped with a sensor that detects the presence of thumb and then the certain tasks, such as to control the sound by scrolling to the top and down. Some expect that the Chinese company may be relied on gestures to control the sound, such as the user interface, "Collor or feed," special cases "OBO", which allows the user to control the sound by dragging two fingers on the screen.

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