Tuesday, December 2, 2014

North Korean leader prevents the import of foreign cigarettes

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A news report said Tuesday that North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-un is to prevent the import of foreign cigarettes. The news agency quoted "Yonhap," South Korean man Chinese works of Korean descent working in Aonbion state of Chinese Jilin as saying on Tuesday, "North Korean leader Kim Jong-is-on state officials not to smoking foreign cigarettes, and the next day carried a ban on the consumption and import of cigarettes immediately. " He added that Kim scolded officials, saying, "Why Tdkhnon foreign cigarettes in spite of local cigarettes provide a high quality, which indicates Avcgarkm the national spirit." According to North Korean defectors contends, imported cigarettes are considered a symbol of power and wealth between state officials and the population in North Korea. And local produce counterfeit cigarettes in some areas, but officials prefer the original foreign cigarettes.

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