Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The new applications will help in controlling the constant flow of information

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After that it was recognized by everyone on the news through the newspaper the morning or follow-up in the evening through television, comes the Internet to become able to World Wide Web users get everything from the news, from all the sites and forums, and the increased speed of delivery of the news with the era of social networking site "Us" by assuming everything to the user screen. But thanks to the "RSS" technology that allows continuous change of the content of Internet sites, and other smartphone user applications have to sinking is no longer in the flood of news, can help in the classification of this information and news according to their importance and do not pass the non-relevant news. And can participate in most of the news sites and blogs through these services and applications, in addition to a lot of sites that have established specialized channels to specific topics such as breaking news or sports news. Says "Sarah Raemaqirz" of the website "Tiltarev dot Dy.ay" German, "news stories are categorized and displayed in lists in detail which means that it is no longer necessary to browse the site" completely. "RSS" services, such as "fiddly" and "Vedrangelr" and "Ntvaabs" and "Fever" help keep everything under consideration, and there is also a "RSS reader" built-in application in the "Thunderbird" service for e-mail from software "Mozyrela" company. These services allow the user to control what he sees on his computer or smart phone screen, those who want hard-news can prevent access to celebrity news to them, as there is access to news in several areas simultaneously. The social networking sites like "Facebook" and "Google Plus" and "Twitter" are all good sources of news, and allows users to follow up on certain media or journalists or portals.

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