Tuesday, December 2, 2014

High rates of foreign currencies against the pound and the dollar's stability

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Foreign currency exchange rates rose against the pound at the start of official trading banks, on Tuesday, with the exception of the US dollar, which stood at 7.1443 pounds to buy, and 7.1775 pounds for sale, according to the latest report issued by the Central Bank of Egypt. The European single currency and the euro rose to a record two piasters about 8.918 pounds to buy, and 8.962 pounds for sale, as the pound rose 7 pennies to score about 11.244 pounds per purchase, and 11.3 pounds for sale. And record Swiss Franc exchange rate about 7.414 pounds to buy, and 7.45 pounds for sale, up two piasters, as 100 yen two piasters rose to about 6.04 pounds to buy, and 6.07 pounds for sale, scored Aliwanachiny 1.161 pounds to buy, and 1,166 pounds for sale.

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