Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Learn the latest models of fitness tracking devices

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Removable devices witnessed the Arda related fitness trackers, developed over the past few years, and became the best sensors, allocated and applications become more practical, and the same devices are becoming more attractive. As the Web site, "Business Insider" US, among these devices, which recently "Basis Peak" emerged from the production of "Basis" one of the "Intel" companies, to meet all these Almaeijerz Although it is cheaper this specialized in the fitness track the type, price did not exceed $ 199, has many powerful features. "Basis Peak" with screen to act as a smart time, too, but focused on fitness and health habits like like other previous models of the company, but comes difference in the design of the touch screen, and improvement in heart rate monitor, and soon you will be able to receive notifications of phones smart users.

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