Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mania «Alselvy» increases the demand for cosmetics and hair transplant surgery

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Kim Cardechian may be more stars and an obsession with pictures of self "Alselvy", but there are some ordinary people are just in this strange obsession of its kind, to the extent that they accept the cosmetic surgery to appear perfect their photos on social networking sites, even if they did not need to in matter of fact. Showed a poll conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and reconstruction of the tissue, the growing popularity dramatically different from cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty operations to tighten eyelids in order to improve Alselvy images on social networking sites to look flawless. The survey found, according to the Daily British miles, that one out of every three surgeons Beauty registered a rise in requests for a facelift on the part of people were obsessed with appearing perfectly on networking sites, where indicated, two thousand and 700 physician respondents to the growing popularity of rhinoplasty by 10 % in 2013 compared to 2012. He said surgeons surveyed also said that this period witnessed an increase in demand for hair transplants increased by 7% and eyelid operations by 6%. He said a cosmetic surgeons participating in the survey said demand for those surgeries rose by 25% during the last year and a half, explaining that people are going crazy because Photos Alselvy until they are attending to their own cell phones to see their pictures and how they want to improve. He pointed out that not everyone who came to him to ask for a plastic surgery actually needed because the images Alselvy given a distorted picture does not represent what it seems, in fact, human. The mother Kim Cardechian itself has accused her daughter mania as they picked up 1,200 images Sylvie during a family trip to Thailand earlier this year.

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